Thanks to Anush Yaranushian, who showed me a French website full of Furbys and merch, I’ve been finding things that I either have not seen before or even things I have seen before, but not with their original packaging.

French leopard furby shirt

Another shirt  Not sure if it’s official, but it kinda looks like it might be???

Furby Shoes and Shoe Box.  I’ve seen these before on Wallapop, but never saw the box they came in.

Furby Pillow casings. I’ve seen these, but I’m leaving this here.

Knockoff Patamates Furby plush (gray) 

2012 Furby Party Banner

[http:// Strange HoodyPet variant I’ve never seen before.]

Silicon iphone 4 Furby cover

Top and Skirt set.

Furby Bath Towel.

French Furby Mug.

I just want to archive these pictures here for more people to see. I might use the images of merch at some point, but I honestly dunno how we're gonna use images of merchandise on this wiki has since there's a lot of Furby merch.  

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