So, I found this post from Tumblr, and I wanted to see if I can help answer it.

I think that Furbys with that shiny label that says "Furby Summit" (ファービーサミット) show that a Furby speaks another language aside from Japanese. There are Japanese Furbys with this label, but they wear Chinese dresses. I don't know much about them myself, but here are a few pictures from listings anyways (one photo is from a blog). Also, I CANNOT confirm if the lamb furby and the leopard furby have custom clothes or if they actually came with the Furbs. Also yes, I am very sure that they were only exclusive to Japan as the post suggests. I cannot remember, but I THINK one of those old Japanese Furby magazines have a bit of information regarding Summit Furbys.

Frog Furby listing (Furby not available/sold):

Leopard Furby listing (sold):

Dalmatian Furby (sold):

Lamb Furby (sold):

Snow Leopard Furby (blog post):

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