So, for a while, I've known there were three strange-looking soft fish toys and I'm unsure about them being a Furby knockoff of some sort. I saw them on Photobucket some time ago, and I can't find any information on them at all. I could only find two other photos of the purple and blue fish sitting on a shelf in the background of the photos from the same person, while I could find no other pictures of the green fish that says "Massager" on its box. The photos of the purple and blue fish are dated to be from 2006, while the photo of the green fish is from 2008. Both photos are from Christmas parties.

Also, there's a chinafake lion toy I saw a video of on YouTube only a few days ago and it looks like it might be some type of Furby knockoff?? Idk. I can't find many photos of it on Google so I'm assuming it's rare. I found photos of one, but its base seems to be missing for some reason (i guess the batteries are put in at the back of the toy), and there's a red one, but it is quite different. 

Here's a video of the lion toy I saw:

There'a review of it here:
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