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This article is about the virtual Furblings on the apps. For the toys, click here.

Virtual Furblings are found in the IOS/Android Furby Boom! app and Furby Connect World app. Some are based on Furby designs, such as Furby Boom, and others are completely unique.

Furby Boom

Furblings were confirmed to be the babies of the Furby Boom.

When a Furby Boom toy is happy and has been well-cared for using the Furby Boom app, it will lay an egg on an IOS device. The egg then hatches and your Furby Boom now has a baby known as a Furbling. Caring for the Furbling is almost identical to playing with a Tamagotchi. It can also play games with your Furby Boom! and other Furblings. Up to 50 Furblings can belong to one Furby Boom. There are about 49 different Furblings to be unlocked. Each one has a unique style, personality, color, and pattern scheme. Though not quite toys of their own, the virtual Furblings are integral to the Furby Boom experience.

Once you collect and hatch all of the Furby eggs, you will unlock the golden egg, which hatches the Golden Furbling.

Furbacca App

Virtual Furblings could be hatched in the Furbacca application. They were Star Wars themed and include Han, Yoda, Leia and Darth Vader. Once all are hatched, a final egg is unlocked.

Furby Connect World

The Furby Connect World app is about collecting Furblings, as well as collecting items and feeding your real-life Furby Connect. Furbling eggs are gained by filling up the egg bar by completing actions in order to spin the gumball-like machine, or by scanning codes from Furbling toys and McFurbys.

They have 7 possible voices: a wacky sounding male voice simallar to the normal Furby Connect, a gruff, but high pitched male voice, a calm sounding male voice, a high-pitched male voice with what sounds like an Irish accent, a posh sounding female voice, a valley girl sounding female voice, and a soft cutesy female voice.